About Energy Garden Vet

Energy Garden Vet is a house-call, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine practice treating small animals comfortably in their home serving the Metr0-Boston and Boston area.

We also have working relationships with some local veterinarians and can see patients in their clinics as well, such as Fresh Pond Animal Hospital in Belmont and MetroVet Veterinary Clinic in Boston.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

TCVM sees the entire body as a functioning unit when addressing health. As in a garden, a good balance of day and night, activity and rest, warmth and coolness, and dryness and moisture is needed for things to optimally grow.

This is where ‘Energy Garden’ comes in, looking at the body as a garden requiring balance for optimal health. Using the TCVM exam to evaluate for signs of energetic disharmony in the body found in changes in tongue color, temperature, pulse palpation and locations of sensitivity a “pattern diagnosis” is created and used to guide the treatment plan. With the goal of returning to balance, like a well cared for garden, the body can experience optimal health and wellness.

Carrie Bonacorsi, DVM, CVA

Veterinarian/ Creator/ Owner

After graduating from the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005, Carrie began her veterinary career in Baltimore as an emergency veterinarian in a large referral hospital. It was a thrilling, fast-paced experience where she was able to save lives and learn from the experienced ER doctors and specialists. However, after 4 years of exhausting overnight shifts it was time to move on. Carrie had been fascinated by the study of Oncology in school so she went on to pursue an Oncology internship and did some shelter work on the side. While Oncology in practice is amazing, she craved longer relationships with patients and their caregivers and wanted the opportunity to educate clients on prevention and long-term management of health conditions. Carrie transitioned to work as a general practitioner which also brought her closer to family in New England.

Working as a GP for dogs and cats was great, and Carrie enjoyed watching puppies and kittens grow as well as managing sweet aging senior pets. In 2017, motivated by the suggestion of a colleague and looking for interesting continuing education, she enrolled in the Small Animal Acupuncture course at Chi University (formerly Chi Institute) in Reddick, Florida. and began her adventure into Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).

Carrie discovered that TCVM added more art and metaphor to healthcare as well as congruence with nature. After getting certified in veterinary acupuncture, she was hooked and continued on with courses in Chinese herbal therapy and food therapy. For all the fascinating advances in conventional medicine and technology, TCVM holds the other end of the spectrum with simplicity and staying power – these practices have been used for and, effective for thousands of years!

Then came the COVID-19 pandemic. The veterinary profession did an outstanding job accommodating the sudden increase in pet ownership and adapting to, for at time, appointments with just the pet in presenting in the exam room without their family. Carrie truly missed time for client education and felt there was a real need for more balanced healthcare (Eastern or TCVM in addition to the top-notch local Western or conventional practices) in our area. It was the right time to focus on her practice of TCVM exclusively and so Energy Garden Vet was born!