Frequently Asked Questions

Do pets like acupuncture?

Yes, for the most part. Initially some patients may be wary, but after a treatment or two they seem to recognize the relaxing sensations felt during treatment and act as though they are eager for the next treatment to start. Depending on their constitution or personality, some patients tolerate many needles and others, fewer, but still receive the same benefit of treatments. Often distraction with a tasty treat is helpful. And, of course, some patients say a firm “no, thank you” to any needles and we focus therapy more on herbs and/food.

How long does acupuncture take to work?

It depends, but in general noticeable effects may take up to 3 treatments as this is “slow medicine” reestablishing energetic harmony and enlisting the body’s own healing capabilities. In this sense, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine works well for chronic illness and prevention. However for acute or, more recent changes response to treatment may be seen seen more readily as the body has been off balance for less time. Sometimes frequent sessions (more than once a week) are recommended initially to get things working faster. Conventional medicine work up is also always encouraged as TCVM cannot “see” everything that today’s advanced diagnostic tools can find.

What should we expect after an acupuncture session?

Often pets have a really good sleep the night after treatment as they are more relaxed. Sometimes no changes are seen at all. Again, this is slow medicine so it is encouraged to commit to at least 3 treatments, spaced 1-2 weeks apart to observe for initial effects. Once the condition is stabilized we try to reduce frequency to monthly and eventually use seasonal check ups if we can. However, if patients benefit from more frequent long-term treatments there is nothing harmful in that.

What conditions does acupuncture/ TCVM treat?

The answer to this is really, any. Most commonly thought of as used for pain and nerve issues, TCVM can address any illness or disharmony in the body – digesitve upset, cardiovascular disease, metaboilc disease, skin conditions, behaivor issues to name a few. It’s even great for those illnesses which elude conventional medical diagnosis. TCVM is also great for healthy patients to maintain balance and overall wellness.