Dr. Bonacorsi has worked wonders for Little Bandit! He has two severely luxating patellas and arthritis in his back legs. Before she started treating him, he was unable to stand or walk, would not let anyone touch his back legs, and was in severe, chronic pain. Now he allows me to touch and massage his back legs and thighs, is no longer in chronic pain, and can stand for brief periods. He is happy to see her, and always feels better afterward. I highly recommend!

Molly is a 3 year old Labrador Retriever that was 93 lbs at the time I had adopted her. She had difficulty getting up and was limping a lot after our walks. We took her to our vet, she was diagnosed with arthritis on both her knees. I got her some pain medication. Dr Bonacorsi had recommended acupuncture and herbs for Molly. I scheduled her several acupuncture appointments. There was some improvement after the first session and by the second session, combining with the herbs, she was no longer limping. She was able to get up without hesitation. After 4 treatments, her walks were longer and we were going out several times a day. She was able to go up and down the stairs without help. Acupuncture and combining with herbs definitely has improved the quality of her life 100%. Molly will continue to get treatment as needed. I strongly believe it can help most dogs as I’ve seen the benefits with Molly.

Dr. Bonacorsi is the best. She came to our home and helped treat our very sick cat. Other doctors weren’t sure she was going to make it but Dr. B prioritized getting her healthy and we are happy to say she’s alive and thriving. She was extremely patient walked us through the treatment plan in great detail. We highly recommend Dr. B for truly great care, she treats our animals as if they were her own.

Carrie worked magic with our 7lb Maltipoo, Khaleesi. In the few short months since working with Carrie, our pup has stopped bringing up her food and stopped excessively licking her paws. Carrie also played an integral part in helping manage Khaleesi’s chronic back injury. Thanks to her, Khaleesi is back to her extroverted excited self and zoomy-ing it up! We’re so grateful for Carrie’s help. She’s a caring, responsive, and very knowledgeable provider. We highly recommend that you include her on your pet’s health team!

William’s treatment with Energy Garden has shown remarkable results. After being on seizure medication for over 2 years, he was more frail, low energy, and less engaging. After his very first session we noticed changes- he’s brighter, more energized, more stable on his feet, and overall seems to be happier. We are SO grateful for this treatment and I know that he is, too.